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SDI Realty

Easy, intuitive, and instantaneous.


The story

SDI Realty is one of the largest, most successful commercial real estate firms in the Houston metropolitan area. They came to OWDT looking for an entirely new digital presence to highlight their commercial prominence among large retailers within a large swath of southeastern Texas. They had seen our work and were confident we would give them a product with compelling design and seamless, elegant functionality.

The challenge

A company of this prominence deserves a premium digital presence. Their previous site was beset by outdated HTML, poor navigation, uninspiring design, lackluster property photographs, a lack of mobile-friendly response design, and subpar written content.

Our solution

OWDT is among a handful of website development companies in the nation delivering consistently superior design integrated with flawless technical execution. Our websites are comparable to products crafted by high-end clothing and automobile manufacturers who work diligently to maintain an iconic market presence from generation to generation.

We employ the most advanced, comprehensive design tools, hire the best designers and apply unusually exacting, detailed quality control measures to ensure our clients experience the best possible outcome. Every step we take, from conception to launch, is carefully orchestrated with the client’s satisfaction and long-term benefit in mind.

SDI’s new website provides seamless, instantaneous navigation and is 100% user-friendly to all devices. Their new fullscreen design comes to life with beautiful images punctuating ‘chunked’ written content for easier reading. Their text is now more carefully tailored, concise, and impactful–supported by a highly functional, Word Press-based platform.

Finally, SDI’s new site incorporates full-screen design with embedded links taking a customer directly to SDI properties that (1) have been leased, (2) are available for lease, and (3) are under development.



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