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Rowland Taylor

Striking , yet calming.

The story

We were delighted when investment firm Rowland Taylor selected OWDT to develop their website. They are a highly principled special niche investment company with a solid record of growing their clients’ portfolios with focus on real estate and neglected/under-followed securities. We are especially impressed with their dedication to helping children around the world as well as their genuine dedication to the principles of integrity, honesty, competence, and clear, respectful communication with clients and stakeholders.

The challenge

We worked from scratch to build Rowland Taylor’s first website. This required we first establish all the benchmarks for its architecture–in close consultation with the client, as we always do–no matter what the scope or scale of the work.

Our multidisciplinary solution


We provided proportional representation for each of the company’s three domains with the backdrop of a luminescent cityscape with sharply bolded white links to inner pages. For example, the equities link leads to information about their competitive advantages in that arena. Similar information is provided for real estate investments and their critical role in “Pathways for Little Feet,” an organization that encourages adoption through financial assistance, education and advocacy. 


We developed a fresh, modern look for the client’s new website, selecting a striking , yet calming color palette–one consistent with the aesthetic of the company’s conservative investment clientele.


Excellent Typography

Most developers fall back on cookie cutter typographies, with little thought given to creating the best possible impact with, for example, contrasting small and large font selections. We care passionately about making the best selections and customizing them for one’s industry, brand and audience. –For Rowland Taylor, we selected the Oswald san serif font based on its classic, legacy aesthetic—one that would appeal to investors. We customized it by redrawing and reformatting it to fit the pixel grid for digital screens. 



Finally, we selected the serifed Roboto Slab font because of its geometric, yet friendly appearance, one that beautifully complements Oswald Sans Serif. This makes for easier reading—one that provides a ‘natural breathing style for the eye.’


An OWDT product

kyle mani signature

Flawless Navigation

Our navigation isn’t just flawless, it’s revolutionary. One example–as the reader hovers over a link, it subtly prompts the user with a moving arrow to take them to the desired page. click underscored before the screen transitions to new information. There is a natural, comfortable acceleration and deceleration within the page and as the user moves the mouse over various actionable items.