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We were delighted when the investment firm Rowland Taylor selected OWDT to develop their website. They are a highly-principled niche investment company with a solid record of growing their clients’ portfolios with a focus on real estate and under-followed securities. We are especially impressed with their dedication to helping children around the world as well as their genuine dedication to the principles of integrity, honesty, competence, and clear, respectful communication with clients and stakeholders.

Rowland Taylor Web Design

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We started from scratch to build Rowland Taylor’s first-ever website. With no analytics record to rely on, this required that we make full use of our marketing, UX and development experience to establish all the benchmarks for its architecture, in close consultation with the client, to ensure that all of the goals would be met and exceeded.

Rowland Taylor Web Design

DesignWe provided proportional representation for each of the company’s three domains with the backdrop of a luminescent cityscape with sharply bolded white links to inner pages. For example, the equities link leads to information about their competitive advantages in that arena. Similar information is provided for real estate investments and their critical role in “Pathways for Little Feet,” an organization that encourages adoption through financial assistance, education and advocacy.

ColorWe developed a fresh, modern look for the client’s new website, selecting a striking, yet calming color palette – one consistent with the aesthetic of the company’s conservative investment clientele.

Excellent TypographyMost developers fall back on cookie cutter typographies, with little thought given to creating the best possible impact with contrasting font selections (for example large/small, serif/sans-serif). We care passionately about making the best font selections and customizing them for each client’s industry, brand and audience. For Rowland Taylor’s headings, we selected the Oswald sans-serif font based on its classic, clean aesthetic—one that would appeal to investors.

Rowland Taylor Web Design

Flawless NavigationOur navigation isn’t just flawless, it’s revolutionary. Using our Ultra-Menu, we create an immersive navigation experience that engages the user and promotes thought about the intended selection. Furthermore, when a link is hovered, it subtly prompts the user to click with a moving arrow and text is reverse-underscored before the screen transitions to new information. Through the use of smooth CSS transition animations, the menu options have a natural, comfortable acceleration and deceleration that simulates real-world movement.