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Protecting Your Business against Ransomware, Part III

You’ll need the support of IT professionals

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If you execute the basic protective strategies against ransomware described in Part I and Part II of this Insights article, you’ll significantly reduce your vulnerability to attack.

For more complete protection, you’ll need the support of IT professionals and/or advanced protective software that provide sophisticated monitoring to preventatively diagnose distinctive ransomware patterns. With that in place, infected files will be quarantined automatically before your system can be hijacked. You’ll also gain access to diagnostic information to help you understand how the incursion happened.

Three advanced strategies

  • Apply Behavior Analysis: Antivirus software protection fails to protect against ransomware because it is limited to static, signature-based methods that are blind to constantly morphing versions of the threat. Behavior analysis-based security tools like Sentinel One, TrendMicro, Cisco and Kaspersky Labs provide behavioral assessment protection.
  • Utilize Stealth Malware Detection: Newer ransomware versions stay in a stealthy dormant state while being scanned by security tools. They come to life only when it’s safe to come out of the ‘sandbox.’  Minerva Labs recently introduced a new tool that tricks ransomware into remaining in a limbo-like endless loop.
  • Integrate Multi-Level Protection: Clearly, your business requires multiple levels of defense against ransomware. Integrating them into an effective shield requires time and effort. Any overall solution to the problem requires careful monitoring both of evolving malware threats and the newest, most effective defenses against them.

By all means, include the two strategies presented above while incorporating more basic download protection, browser protection, firewall and other standard protections.

Make Your Malware Response Plan Available for Immediate Launch

Have an action plan ready for immediate launch in the event of a ransomware attack. Begin with an inventory of your critical data assets, their locations and the effect of any loss or inaccessibility of those data.

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