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OXYDE was founded a century ago as an Amsterdam-based metals and minerals trading company. It has evolved into an industry-setting international petrochemical and polymers trading and distribution house. Now headquartered in Houston, Texas, they work and trade in more than 80 countries, collaborating closely with their suppliers and distributors from global regional centers. They have earned an outstanding international reputation for unrivaled logistics, uncompromising business ethics, and professional excellence. Their suppliers include DOW Chemicals, Occidental Chemical Corporation, Olin, and a host of prominent international distributors.





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Their previous website was badly outdated with sketchy written content that failed to describe the many advantages of doing business with OXYDE. Their graphics were outdated and unprofessional. Even worse, the website had been hacked, resulting in the loss of much of their data. —We’d like to emphasize that when OWDT creates a website, we always provide complete offsite content backup.

Oxyde Chemicals Web Design

Compelling DesignOur design process integrates proven principles of art as with mathematics-based concepts of ideal proportionality and scientific findings on human perception. This results in a design that is intuitive and easy to absorb at a glance. In addition, after gaining feedback from the client about their preferences, we tailor an organization’s website to the aesthetic preferences of their particular audience. At the same time, we incorporate the requisite functionality and sophistication to appeal to higher-level client decision makers.
OXYDE wanted a sophisticated international look to their new website. So, we gave them a dramatic background rotating Earth graphic with an upper right-hand menu that funnels the viewer to four integral portals. To reinforce our crisp aesthetic, we incorporated sharply contrasting bold white and black sans-serifed fonts to contrast, respectively, with the site’s dark and white screens. Also, the text was calibrated for the ideal proportional distances between the lines and letters to maximize ease of reading.

Oxyde Chemicals web Design

New Written ContentAccording to recent research conducted by Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS), 72% of web-user satisfaction relates directly to the quality of website written content. For this reason, we encourage our clients to take advantage of OWDT’s writing services–which can range from minimal cost, minor editing to creating completely new material. We wrote entirely new content for OXYDE to highlight the company’s impressive experience, product offerings, core values, logistical superiority and overall stellar international reputation. To achieve this, our VP of Content created and distributed a detailed survey tailored to the company and then spent many hours interviewing and transcribing feedback from all OXYDE executives, international OXYDE brokers and high-end supplier/distributor representatives. A clear picture emerged of an exemplary organization that we were eager to promote.

Oxyde Chemicals Web Design

Seamless Organization and NavigationOur interview process with OXYDE management gave us a clear understanding how they wanted their new website’s information organized. That organization had to be intuitive and connect supplier and distributors quickly to whatever information they required.
So, we simplified the site’s architecture to make navigation quick and intuitive. From the Home Page we provided a menu that takes the user to a page with four portals: (1) information about the company’s impressive history, (2) their comprehensive chemical and plastics offerings, (3) their dedication to core values and client support, and (4) a page detailing contact information for their Houston headquarters, world offices and exclusive agencies, embedded with location pictures.

Oxyde Chemicals Web design

Functionality across All Devices
Many of OXYDE’s international customers use mobile devices in the field when making their orders. So, the mobile device website version of OXYDE’s new website had to look just as visually crisp and functional as it does on large screens. Behind all our work is high-level, complex programming that makes the user experience pleasurable and effortless. We worked hard to create a mobile device website version for OXYDE that achieved those objectives.

Oxyde Chemicals Web Design