What Search Engine/Payment Platform Integration Means For Your Business

Revolution Demands A Shift In Education To Put Much Greater Focus On Deductive/Inductive Analysis

Human Team-Artificial Intelligence Collaboration

During the Enlightenment, a brilliant person could master a wide range of diverse disciplines because available information was relatively limited (Think Jefferson and Franklin). However, by the 20th century, the flood of available research data made it impossible for even the most gifted to master more than one discipline at best. This led to businesses relying on teams of experts, each with a depth of knowledge of his or her domain/subdomain.

In the 21st century, we’re experiencing another sea change–with teams of experts now collaborating with Big Data-driven Artificial Intelligence (AI), to develop and market new products and services. This revolution demands a shift in education to put much greater focus on deductive/inductive analysis, abstract thinking, research and summarization skills. Unfortunately, this has been slow in coming.

Search Engine Integration

Facebook is now testing its own search engine, a harbinger of future search capabilities expanding well beyond what is now available on Google, Bing and Yahoo. As a result, in the near future, social media-based search capabilities will be much more robust. This will include all-in-one platforms with integrated payment buttons. Free online ‘word of mouth’ marketing will also naturally increase with the inclusion of links that will encourage buyers to immediately share information about their purchases with friends. In short, the buying process will be a much easier, more enjoyable experience. Still more important for businesses, the addition of “buy buttons” to social channels will facilitate the sale of items in the very same online neighborhoods where their fans hang out.

Google made a deal with Twitter earlier this year to access Twitter’s real-time content. Google integrates some Twitter content into its search engine result pages. Expect further incorporation of Twitter posts with expanded access to news and events tweets, Twitter profiles, even hashtag keyword data–all of which will make online marketing research and outreach even easier.

Google Mobile Apps Will Change Everything…

Google is working towards developing full indexing functionality to mobile apps. This means that mobile apps will have the same functionality as websites, but with greater flexibility and intuitive functionality. Whenever fully implemented, users will no longer need to download an app limited to one task. This will make it easier for businesses to introduce new products to viewers who would otherwise not hear about an ideal, new option until well after purchasing another product/service.