Grow Your Marketing Outreach By Streaming Content

Online content has created barriers to social media marketing, making it difficult for potential customers to hear you.

Expect More ‘Owned’ Content In 2016

The growing flood of online content has created barriers to social media marketing, making it difficult for potential customers to hear you. To overcome this challenge–

  • Consider utilizing more features of fewer social networks for greater impact.
  • Invest in creating your own web platforms to better control messaging for target audiences.

Streaming Data

Streaming data reduces costly data storage. While not new, it is increasingly essential to effective online marketing. Begin to explore this strategy on popular live-streaming apps like Facebook Live, Periscope and Blab for mobile devices.

As the amount of online data overwhelms the capacity of even the brightest speed reader, streaming data distills what is most essential for critical thinking and evaluation. ‘Curators,’ whether human or AI, determine what is important enough to stream and what can be discarded. Above all, they must demonstrate discernment and integrity–given how easy it is to create biased, even completely bogus content.

Streaming Video

As bandwidth has increased, so has the use of streaming video. As mentioned in a previous post, video is easily dissected into ‘snackable’ visual, audio, transcription and other uploads. Businesses, as well as folks on Facebook, etc., now realize that anyone can create short videos. It’s often the spur-of-the-moment video, amateur that goes viral. Why? Authenticity and personability always win over cool, professional polish.

On a personal note, I enjoy watching online videos, but prefer a quicker pace. That’s why I appreciate it when videos are accompanied by short summary articles or complete text transcriptions, the latter increasingly common on venues like Ted Talks.

There’s an abundance of tools to help you create videos. Videolicious, for example, allows you to create supplemental footage intercutting the mail shot as well as intros and asides. Videohance provides light effects and other editing functions. There are other apps to help you speed up, reverse or slow down your video capture.

But wait’s there’s more! In my next Insights article, I’ll discuss how to take advantage of ephemeral marketing, digital assistant optimization, integration of search engines/payment platforms and newsjacking to get more bang for your marketing buck.