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Paragon ER

Project Info

Client Paragon ER
Skills Ajax, CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, jQuery, MySQL, Parallax, PHP, Responsive Design, Wordpress (CMS)

Project Description

Paragon_2Paragon wanted a fresh, engaging website, one different from other Emergency Centers. So, we created a visually stunning design featuring full-screen photographs of friendly medical staff looking eye-to-eye at the viewer. We integrated iconic, easy-to-navigate links highlighted in dark red, providing an ideal counterpoint to the blue and other cool graphics colors.

We also designed a two-toned logo, one that incorporates a traditional medical cross with new, integral elements, making it a new industry classic. Our new logo ‘grounds’ the website with its sharply contrasting design and colors, significantly improving navigation by providing a clear ‘map’ of exactly where the viewer can link to view specific information. Competitor websites, by contrast, often leave the viewer confused about where to locate what they are looking for.

Whatever your industry, please contact us to learn how we can design a site for you that stands above the competition!