The story

Murex Petroleum Corporation is a Houston-based oil and gas company with offices in North Dakota and Colorado and additional operations spanning eight states across the Midwest. In addition, they control 84,000 net mineral acres in five states and Canada, encompassing oversight of 4 corporate entities and their 240 oil wells.Murex has been a major player in developing solutions to better optimize the gas extraction process and to expand and improve existing infrastructure to transport gas for out-of-state processing. They are strongly dedicated to educating the public and working collaboratively across diverse stakeholder groups, including government agencies, affiliated Native American tribes, researchers, landowners and other key industry players.

Murex Petroleum Web Design

The challenge

OWDT was delighted to work with such a strong corporate promoter of natural gas as an efficient, clean and cost-effective resource. We were especially impressed with the company’s success in reducing gas field flaring (wasteful burning of gas at the wellhead).

Murex Petroleum Web DEsign

The Solution

The new site navigation is clear and direct.The revamped operations page now showcases an interactive map using Google API that is easy to manage by both Murex staff and potential investors. OWDT created the homepage to be a captivating display of their oil assets and an intriguing portal for potential new employees. About Us information is linked at the top of the homepage as well as prominent links for Operations, Owner Relations, Careers, Video/Publications News and Frequently Asked Questions. Finally, we highlighted how the company had recently helped spearhead more than $6 billion in new pipelines, processing plants and other infrastructure improvements.


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