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The story Are you similar?

Since its inception in 1972, LJA stood out by recognizing the importance of quality engineering solutions and a culture of visionary leadership and collaborative delivery. As the premier engineering firm in Texas, providing high quality, innovative, and cost-effective services, LJA started looking to present its culture and services on the web in a more effective manner. As part of that, LJA partnered with OWDT to develop the new LJA.com. We worked very closely with LJA’s internal marketing team and designers to develop their new digital experience.

Lja Web Design

Discoveries & solutionsThe new LJA.com is informative and inspirational. Today, there is a visible trace of company’s culture and its people on every single digital asset. The website successfully educates the audience about the monumental projects that LJA has engineered through various case study pages, and has a much higher tendency to build a strong brand connection with its visitors.

LJA web Design

LJA’s internal marketing team and designers carefully crafted the design of every page to meet user and business needs and OWDT engineers worked diligently to bring their vision to life. Users can now easily filter through thousands of projects, select their desired items, and submit their bids on the same platform using a single sign-on architecture. Users can also explore topics that illuminate LJA’s reach, how they tackle challenges, and how they utilize engineering in new and innovative ways. All of these elements come together for a colorful experience that conveys the spirit of various LJA engineering departments

Launched in August 2017, the new LJA.com marks the beginning of a partnership between OWDT and LJA. OWDT looks forward to continuing to improve the user journey for LJA’s web sites during 2017, helping to build the brand’s global online presence.

LJA Web Design