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Lightning Speeds With Li-Fi And Enhanced Wi-Fi, Part III

Internet2 connects over 60K educational, research, industry, government and health care organizations


While Li-Fi promises enhanced speed and security within internal (under the same roof) networks, Wi-Fi is also advancing rapidly in the areas of bandwidth, low latency (enhanced speed) and security. Breakthroughs generated by GENI-based research and tech innovations are behind many Wi-Fi improvements.


Internet2 is the other major driver for Wi-Fi advances. Launched in 2007, this not-for-profit consortium connects over 60K educational, research, industry, government and health care organizations. It is catalyzing the development of high-performance, broad-bandwidth optical fiber circuitry and monitoring tools. So far, these technologies are pre-market, but many of them will be ready for launch in the not-distant future.

Working parallel with GENI, Internet2 research is helping advance network advances for areas like genomic research, health care delivery and remote learning. Emerging breakthroughs will also allow decentralized, more reliable video streaming.

Some Key Internet2 Advances

  • Virtual Laboratories–We’ve already seen global networking advances for scientists collaborating with one another in astronomy and astrophysics. Internet2 is helping accelerate the real time sharing of information to meet overlapping goals in many other scientific areas. In addition, virtual laboratories will are poised to improve the quality of health care as well as the design and manufacturing of complex systems–ranging from aerospace to weather forecasting.
  • Health Care–One of the reasons health care is so expensive on a per capita basis in the U.S. is that $750B dollars annually are now lost on unnecessary or poorly delivered services. On a personal note, I’ve opted for doctors within the same hospital-based network because it allows my physicians to gain access to all my health information on the same comprehensive database. This kind of vital information will eventually be accessible across multiple health networks. The advantage? –significantly improved diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, even the best physician can easily miss something critical when you present symptoms they can’t compare with baseline information from other doctors.
  • Enhanced Big Data-Based Graphics Will Improve Decision Making— Most professionals aren’t experienced data analysts. The same can be said for most of us. However, when big data is presented graphically in multiple ways it’s much easier to understand, resulting in improved decision-making.
  • Virtual Environment Sharing–Higher definition video for teleconferencing has been a big improvement. Future Interent2 breakthroughs will offer still more amazing connectivity with new tools for sharing work objects such as architectural models and multimedia interfaces. Manipulating such objects in ‘virtual rooms’ will increase productivity and further reduce the need for employees to fly off to distant locations for meetings.
  • Breakthroughs In Education— Among the goals of Internet2 is building a better educational infrastructure. This will be built on the National Science Foundation’s high-speed Backbone Network Service (vBNS) that currently interconnects U.S. research supercomputer centers. One spin-off of this advanced platform will be distributed learning modules that allow teachers and students to share materials in cyberspace at a pace appropriate for individual students. New generation software, including the Instructional Management System (IMS), will help develop and deliver learning modules as well as track outcomes while taking advantage of improved access to the World Wide Web.

On a final note: Institutions involved in Internet2 and GENI research will continue to use the existing Internet for “ordinary” services such as e-mail and personal Web access.

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