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Lightning Speeds With Li-Fi And Enhanced Wi-Fi, Part II

Li-Fi holds great future promise

Wi-Fi’s Amazing Advances

While Li-Fi holds great future promise, continuing improvements in Wi-Fi secure its position as the standard means of Internet transmission.

As explained in last Thursday’s Insights article, scientists have been using GENI (the Global Environment for Network Innovations) along with Internet 2 to safely and productively explore new Wi-Fi advances.

Key Geni-Based Improvements-

  • Greater bandwidth has allowed our digital devices to do much more than just a few years ago. It’s not just speed, but improved uniform quality of transmission that is paving the way for increasingly sophisticated, powerful apps that will both simplify (and potentially complicate) our lives.
  • Improved (lower) latency provides smoother, more constant transmission of data. Lower latency makes faster speeds possible. Higher latency, by contrast, results in persistent and/or temporary data transmission bottlenecks. Low latency is essential to fast-moving mobile devices–exemplified in the case of the still substandard transmission of patient data in fast-moving ambulances.
  • “Open Flow” and Better Internet security. It seems that when one Internet security gap is filled, several others emerge. To enhance security and bandwidth, GENI-based technologies allow segregated Internet channels with different levels of service.Many believe that “Open Flow,” a new SDN (Software Defined Network) open standard, will undermine net neutrality. The concern is that there are no restrictions on who can use this new technology–potentially undermining net neutrality as a fait accompli.

The Benefits Of Open Flow

I, for one, support net neutrality, but believe there are government and private sector networks that require much better security to protect the public. It would be hard to justify failing to implement Open Flow for medical data transmission, Defense Department or energy infrastructure communication.

  • Major Medical Advances–GENI-based innovations include the exchange of biometrics data exchange that promise breakthroughs in genomic-based cancer research and the personalization of medicine to help doctors tailor patient care to an individual’s genetic profile and cellular biology. In President Obama’s 2016 budget, $215 million is dedicated to building a personalized medicine infrastructure.
  • Much Improved Utilization of Big Data–A necessary component of the exchange of biometrics data is Big Data-based analytics of the genomes of thousands of patients. This will usher in a new age of medicine with the combination of new, powerful analytics with improved Open Source networks.
  • Military and Infrastructure Defense–Open Source and other technologies promise greater security for military and infrastructure security. I’ll address this issue in a future Insights article.

In my next and final post in this series, I’ll discuss Internet2 breakthroughs.


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