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Specialized Photography

Premium web-specialized photography is integral to successful website design and copywriting. It’s a big plus for any content strategy, though most organizations don’t know what it is or understand its clear advantages.

Captivating Results

OWDT is one of a handful of U.S. design companies that offers this service. Our in-house web-specialized photographer and his team take direction from our designers so that all onsite photographs conform perfectly to web design parameters.

Cohesive Solutions

This is critically important because stock photographs don’t easily integrate with the overall organization, text placement or navigational parameters of most websites. The result? Mediocre layout and flow-often with inadequate space allotted for required text. Viewers quickly click away from such sites.

Stock Photos Have Serious Limitations

Though many companies opt for stock photos, viewers quickly recognize when a company is taking the easy way out with this generic, cookie cutter approach. By comparison, web-specialized photography connects viewers directly to your organization’s unique story and distinctive product/service advantages.

Fundamental disadvantages of stock photos include–

Your competition may display the same stock images

Limited rights of usage may prevent you from displaying photos on major social media

Location-specific images may be impossible to find

High Quality Images Ensure Positive First Impressions

For example, in a recent 37Signals study there was a 100% increase in sales for one of their products resulting from the addition of onsite photographic images of employees.



Understand that when visitors view your website, they instantly assess your company’s credibility. Sharp, elegant imagery helps persuade prospective customers that your company is simply the best choice for product or service.


Our photographs are optimized for clarity, contrast, composition and color. High-quality pictures help tell your story, while providing alluring visual appeal complemented by carefully tailored written content to ensure optimal impact.


Research demonstrates that high quality website images result in a significantly higher conversion rate. A higher conversion rate translates directly into expanded sales of goods and services. Good photography, especially of people in natural settings, helps convince visitors to take action.

Examples of OWDT's Photographic Services

Our web-specialized photography team collaborates with you to determine the best mix of images for your brand. After the session is completed, we work closely with you to select the best images and choose a digital format that translates easily across Internet platforms. We then adjust your online images for optimal color, clarity, contrast, and composition before launch.

Environmental Portraits

employees, customers, physical sites

OWDT conceive and orchestrates images of employees, customers and/or physical sites to tell your story. We utilize advanced lighting techniques and staging help optimize image quality.

Corporate & Industrial

brand, products and services

We select, shoot and process images that highlight your brand, products and services.

Individual Portraits

action-oriented photos

We recommend taking advantage of research showing that action-oriented photos of managers in natural settings are more effective than traditional headshots. Your choice, of course.

Are Your Current Website and Social Media Pics up to Par?

Here are some questions to help you assess whether you need to upgrade your images: