Indigo Minerals Web Design

The story

Indigo Minerals LLC was launched in 2006 as a collaboration between prominent Gulf Coast oil and gas industry players. The company aggregates mineral interests and acquires/develops oil and gas well production facilities primarily in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.

Indigo has experienced steady growth in the past 9 years. It now encompasses over 600,000 acres of land across 15 states with over 750 wells and working owner interest in another 340+. Among its enterprises, Indigo runs an active 2-4 rig development program, drilling 100 horizontal wells over the past 4 years in Cotton Valley, Louisiana.

Indigo Minerals Web Design

The challenge

How do you help a national oil and gas company with a great story overcome a poorly defined brand image and weak digital presence? We began by investigating internal stakeholder objectives with carefully structured questions and precision answers. We synchronized our findings with external customer needs/behaviors and then applied
best online corporate practices.

indigo Minerals Web Design

The Results

After carefully assessing all sources of information, we created a strong, clear digital presence highlighting Indigo’s strong record of success aggregating mineral interests, and acquiring/developing working production facilities.The end result is a premium website with straightforward written content, eye-catching video and graphics that capture the spirit of this company’s exemplary brand.

Indigo Mineral Web Design

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