From the inside out: the power of internal marketing campaigns in 2022

Internal marketing is often overlooked by comparison with external marketing (defined as all efforts to improve customer experience and build external loyalty to a product or service). When employees feel like they are stakeholders in the day-to-day progress of their company, they become the best brand ambassadors for their organization’s services or products.

The goal of an internal campaign is to earn a sense of loyalty to the brand and the team,’ says Kyle Mani, CCO/CEO of OWDT. The Hinge Research Institute reports, “A formal employee advocacy program helps shorten the sales cycle. Nearly 64% of advocates in a formal program credited employee advocacy with attracting and developing new business, and nearly 45% attribute new revenue streams to employee advocacy.”

Does subliminal advertising work

Press releases, contests, testimonials, and employee gifting are effective ways to make each employee a brand advocate and enhance employee collaboration towards beneficial goals. This issue has another pivotal aspect with critical ramifications for business survivability—employee turnover. In our Great Resignation era, about one-third of new hires quit after six months. ‘The ‘bad reviews’ from previous team members have proven to be significant barriers to attracting and winning talent in a job seeker’s market.

Done consistently and in good faith, internal marketing strategies can transform a staff into a dynamic team of brand ambassadors. This will have a significant impact on the bottom line—and, perhaps more importantly, that employees are excited to return to work every day to pursue a ‘shared North Star.’