Drug dealers marketing strategies for legit businesses

What can you do to enhance the quality of your organization’s products and services?

Drug dealing is immoral and destructive. Nonetheless, drug dealers are entrepreneurs, ‘bad capitalists,’ if you will, who cannot survive without effective marketing strategies. In fact, successful drug dealers follow a number of savvy principles in promoting their products that you can profitably apply to your lawful enterprise.

Whether a business flourishes or perishes is contingent on the following principles:

1. Quality of Product and Service Trumps All

Drug dealers can’t launch expensive public advertising campaigns. Employing deceptive marketing ploys designed to fool potential customers is not a viable option for them. Dealers know that their word-of-mouth credibility is everything.

Consider the public relations meltdown that GM faces since news of their dangerous vehicles hit the media. The resulting firestorm has contributed to the recall of 16 million cars and trucks so far this year, underscoring how The truth always surfaces in the end regardless of how careful the cover up or clever the public relations damage control strategy. Lesson learned: never cheapen or compromise your product. Come clean with your public. If you screw up by selling them an inferior product, or fail at service – apologize immediately. Quickly compensate your customers for any loss or inconvenience. If you don’t, your brand will suffer, perhaps never to recover.

2. Compete on Brand Excellence, NOT Price

Like most of us, drug dealers face stiff competition. Dealers with the best brand (and adequate physical security) inevitably win out. They don’t need to discount. – Which begs the question: What can you do to enhance the quality of your organization’s products and services? Can you clearly articulate your brand advantage? What needs to change before you can do that proudly and effortlessly? Consider how quickly Hyundai boosted the quality and reputation of Kia vehicles after buying out their competitor.

3. Give a Little for Free

Drug dealers with good product love to give a little away for free. Both drug dealers and supermarkets leverage this simple principle to great advantage. The free samples of gourmet cheese you find at Costco are there to entice you to buy some. Once you’re hooked, of course, the supermarket – or drug dealer – is in a position to raise price when demand increases.

4. Offer Supplementary Service

If a customer needs help with product use, give them free one-on-one mentoring and/or training. Perhaps, for example, your customer wants you to preassemble furniture they buy from you, or, in the case of a drug user, they may want all drug paraphernalia included up front in a one-stop-shop type arrangement.

5. Foster Long-Term Relationships

A drug dealer’s entire business is built on trust. Drug dealers focus with laser intensity on NEVER disappointing a customer. Ask yourself: have you ever offered a product or service that you wouldn’t buy yourself?

How well do you know your customers and target audience? Drug dealers know all about their customers’ likes, dislikes, values, and behaviors. They speak their lingo. Do you have the pulse of your customers? We at OWDT are in the business of doing the exacting research that can give you the information you need.

6. Follow Up!

Drug dealers touch base with their clients BEFORE they run out of product to see if they need anything. Are you similarly proactive? Most businesses aren’t!

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