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Digital marketing changes predicted for 2016, Part II

Ensuring high quality written content is still a marketer’s number one priority, a fact often overlooked.


If you haven’t yet looked into digital relationship marketing, marketing automation and location-based technology, I highly recommend you investigate their potential to grow your business and stay ahead of the competition.

Quality of written content will remain the #1 priority

Ensuring high quality written content is still a marketer’s number one priority, a fact often overlooked in the rush of news about digital marketing breakthroughs. Research continues to confirm that this one factor drives the vast majority of business decisions. Viewers will quickly exit even the most visually striking website if its marketing messages don’t speak to them. In addition, content development is significantly cheaper than other forms of marketing, giving businesses still more incentive to invest in blogs and website content.

Marketing technology and strategies are rapidly evolving

An overview of marketing trends for 2016 underscores the imperative of incorporating social media automation tools while, at the same time, becoming more responsive and transparent to targeted social media groups. For example, Facebook’s tools for customizing audiences, broken out according to demographic, location and interests— permit a much more effective tailoring of marketing messages to specific sub-groups.


Key factors driving change

  • Because online viewers experience high quality content every day, businesses that have an outdated and/or slack Internet presence are falling behind.
  • Businesses are updating and streamlining their digital marketing tools to get more bang for their marketing buck.
  • Video is quickly gaining dominance in online marketing because, among other things, it can easily be broken down into audio, text and images.
  • It’s now clear that while social media helps attract fans/followers, it isn’t effective for direct product/services sales pitches.
  • Business leaders have learned that attracting a large number of website/social media visitors isn’t enough. Increasingly, they recognize that social media are most effective at relationship building because it’s by building a fan/follower base that boosts ROI.
  • It’s increasingly easy and affordable, even for small organizations with limited budgets, to implement live streaming, 360-degree video and 3D on their websites.

In future insights articles, I’ll describe the emerging use of virtual reality tech, streaming video, search platform integration, ephemeral marketing and more information on the growing dominance of video in digital marketing.


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