The story Are you similar?

Challenger Equipment & Tool is a major national/international provider of new and used oil drilling equipment rentals and support services offering three decades of steady success. They needed a new website to highlight their growing international reach and to better showcase their impressive array of high quality equipment.

Offering a global reach with 24/7 availability, they set the standard for quick response to any equipment need regardless of location. Their new International office is strategically located in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., to strengthen their global presence.


The challenge Facing similar challenges?

A company of this prominence and sophistication deserves a premium digital presence. Challenger Equipment & Tool needed a significantly upgraded website to highlight their growing international reach and to showcase their impressive array of premium equipment. Their previous site was beset with poor design, hard-to-read, small print and unprofessional, lackluster equipment photographs.

Our Solution A website with a clean, industrial aesthetic

OWDT developed a fullscreen website with a clean, industrial aesthetic to appeal to this company’s engineering/technical professional customer base. The new site incorporates a fully responsive design with high definition, rotating professional pictures and headers. This and much improved written content highlight the company’s many competitive advantages. As with all of our websites, the site works seamlessly across platforms, allowing readers easy access to relevant content as they navigate between Home, About Us, Equipment, Primary Services, Rental Fleet, and Pressure Control pages.We completed the site well within the agreed-upon timeline using CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, jQuery, MS SQL Server, Parallax, PHP, Responsive Design and WordPress.