The story

CETCO® Energy Services is a branch of Amcol International Corp., specializing in a wide range of oil and gas industry products and services, including water treatment, well testing, pipeline services, and holistic solutions to environmental challenges. The company has a proud history of supplying their customers with innovative, customized services and solutions to complex problems that improve productivity and efficiency, with an unfailing emphasis on safety and environmental compliance.

Since its inception in 1997, CETCO has grown significantly, through both internal growth and acquisitions. The addition of new services has grown out of customer needs and spurred by the company’s recognition of the benefits derived from linking complementary technologies and processes.

With a worldwide presence in over 25 locations, employing more than 1,000 people in 12 countries, CETCO Energy Services, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Minerals Technologies Inc. (NYSE: MTX), a New York-based resource- and technology-based growth company The company reported sales of $1.73 billion in 2014.

CETCO Web Design

The challenge

Despite their many successes and comprehensive platinum services, CETCO’s old website was completely lackluster and difficult to navigate. Access to their Contact Information Page, for example, was slow and counterintuitive. In addition, the text was small and difficult to read. This was causing them to lose potential customers.

An impressively elegant and functional website

The new site is visually stunning, with 13 beautifully rendered jewel-tone icons that serve as portals for the company’s 13 different services. Site navigation is now lighting fast with multiple, clear links to all site pages. Video, graphic and other media integrate seamlessly to maximize visual appeal and functionality throughout the sites different levels. Because their clients are high-level industry decision makers, it was critical that they be impressed not only with the site’s design and ease of use, but also by the professional excellence of CETCO’s brand identity, a goal we fully accomplished. Finally, we created a detailed, yet easy-to-use contact form, which makes client input virtually effortless.



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