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Shahla PC

Portraying sophistication with clear brand value advantage



Shahla PC is a highly respected international law firm providing corporate counsel and legal services to clients across a broad range of industries. They entrusted OWDT to develop new branding to give their organization an in a landscape saturated with aggressive, less principled competitors


We spent extensive time with Shahla PC partners to fully understand their core beliefs and approach. After performing an ‘experience audit’ with several of their clients, we realized Shahla PC’s method was distinctive, giving them an untapped advantage. Bottom line–rather than using standard marketing ploys to win customers, they needed to underscore the subpar results competitors who were failing to deliver what they promised client. So, we created a new brand messaging guideline, “Walking Clients through Pathways” to affirm Shahla PC’s mission of providing clients genuine results in overcoming legal challenges. We then drafted branding messaging and eye-catching design to clearly communicate their customer-centered approach.


Since then, Shahla PC has solidified its reputation as a highly sophisticated law firm with a clear brand value advantage in the marketplace.

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