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The challenge

Hanover Street Capital, LLC (aka “HanoverStreet”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Situs Group, is a strategic business services platform dedicated to supporting Deutsche Bank’s commercial real estate group and services platform. This organization has built a comprehensive suite of world-class real estate finance and investment solutions across debt and equity real estate transactions.

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In early 2014, OWDT was commissioned to create a branding solution that would allow Hanover Street (not yet named) to spin off from Deutsche Bank as a separate digital and broadcast division. This would allow it to clarify its position as an autonomous subsidiary of Situs Group.

Hanover Street Capital Web Design

A complicated undertaking unto itself, Hanover Street Capital engaged us to help them create a new identity for their operation to establish credibility as a new force in the market place. At the same time, it was critical that their new brand conveyed the prowess, heritage and quality attributed to Situs and Deutsche Bank.

hanover Street Capital web Design

The solution

Our branding team worked quickly and nimbly to find a name that spoke this organization’s rich history and established record of achievement. We chose “Hanover Street Capital,” the street name of their headquarters location. We then developed a complete branding profile to match, as well as a transition” kit” for all internal stakeholders. These kits included desk-drops, brand books filled with guidelines and information, as well as additional collateral to help employees understand the sea change at an internal, as well as external, level.

We also worked with Hanover Street Capital on an implementation plan that encompassed everything from physical to digital—outfitting their offices with new environmental designs and signage, and ultimately creating a fresh, new online presence for the company, to solidify its independent identity.



Hanover Street Capital has since emerged as a standalone entity in the marketplace, one aligned with its giant sister companies Situs and Deutsche Bank, but not overshadowed by them.

Hanover Street capital Web Design

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