A brand platform that includes Brand Purpose



GMC Business Consultants needed a complete business rebranding to underscore their expansion beyond government-sponsored disaster recovery contracting into a broad range of new public and private sector business consulting functions. With so many businesses facing causing disasters around the US, resulting in massive relocations, etc., GMC needed to evolve, not just for a changing audience, but also to be in step with changing times. Such a shift would not only win new clients, but also help preserve existing ones. GMC’s leadership was ready to tell their story in a way that cut through the static and connected with people as well as business leaders.


GMC originally partnered with us to address their customers’ changing base and rapidly changing needs. We created a brand platform for them that included GMC Brand Purpose and Experience Principles, clarified their brand voice, developed a sharp and adaptable visual design, including a fresh, new logo, combined with a strategic framework that would enable the brand to move forward on sure footing.

As GMC continues to advance and acquire new capabilities, the brand requires the necessary tools to stay relevant to business audiences, as well as continuously highlighting new competitive offerings.

Internally, a new commitment to employee engagement has created greater cohesion of purpose across the organization. These initiatives have given GMC greater efficiency and flexibility, something we are proud of helping them achieve.

Perhaps no other element summarizes our relationship with GMC better than the operating principle GMC promises to its clients—“Restoring America”—one we helped to develop and continuously emphasize in our partnership with them.


After nearly three years of ongoing engagement with GMC, we continue to deliver new and better ways to help their organization in its tireless mission to simplify and deliver customer-friendly, market-savvy solutions.

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