The challenge Facing similar challenges?

For over 30 years, Farsi Jewelers has pioneered breakthrough innovations and practices in custom jewelry design while building a customer base of over 6,000 + served annually. Their products are consistently high-end, luxurious creations. Unfortunately, perhaps because of their large volume, Farsi Jewelers was too often perceived as a ‘one size fits all’ jewelry company. The company needed new branding to highlight its trajectory as one of the most sophisticated custom jewelry shops in the nation.

farsi Jewelries Web Design

The SolutionWe were eager to craft a new visual and verbal identity to set the story straight. OWDT staff began by speaking with their clients and staff to get a sense of how they viewed the organization. From their inspiring stories, we came to understand that, above all, the organization is dedicated to innovative, premium design. This led us to create an engineered, edgy new typography to convey Farsi Jewelers’ design sophistication and dedication to quality.

ResultsWith a sophisticated, tailored new design in place, the company was able to claim its voice as an industry leader—expressing itself with clarity and authority. Following the brand launch, Farsi Jewelers annually welcomed 1,500 new clients, and interest in employment opportunities reached new heights.

farsi Jewelries Web Design