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Are you hiring the best people for your company? part II

Recruiting the best employees begins with a superior website.


Most hiring managers have a clear idea of the technical skills they want in new employees. They also are sensitive to a candidate’s personability. –Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to screen out people who interview brilliantly, but may be exaggerating/padding their skills profile or hiding a history of interpersonal failures in previous positions.

Continually update your job description and
other candidate selection criteria

Never reuse a job description without review. Job requirements can change quickly with organizational work practices, reorganizations, staff training, and digital technology. Can you afford to train new staff to bring them up to speed on tech skills they don’t have? Many employers can’t.

As you recalibrate your work descriptions, assess the key traits that characterize your most successful employees. Integrate those traits/skills into your job description and incorporate them into your interview process.

Be specific. IF your job descriptions are ambiguous, this can lead to long-term conflict between employer and employee, and result in unexpected challenges from attorneys and government regulators. While the wording of your job description should avoid the chill of ‘legalese,’ it should be precise. — Begin with ‘must haves,’ e.g., formal degrees, training certifications, etc. If project flow requires periodic overtime, make that clear. Ask questions concerning ‘reasonable accommodation,’ etc.

Attract diverse applicants

Carefully follow all equal opportunity legislation requirements. This is to your advantage because diverse work environments result in more innovation and performance with a richer diversity of perspectives and insights. A diverse workforce encompasses differentiators like gender, ethnicity, race, country of origin and age. — Do NOT use phrases like, “looking for a young, high-energy team player” in your job postings. Such phrasing violates the law. Instead, say ‘looking for a resilient, hard-working team player.


Sourcing candidates

Traditionally, candidates have been recruited directly from colleges, technical schools, job fairs, military-sponsored job fairs, and employee contacts, etc. Be aware, however, if your current workforce is not diverse, relying too heavily on current employee contacts will only reinforce the status quo.

For the past generation, most companies have been posting their jobs online with links to their home site. You already probably use industry-specific job sites. Be sure to explore and utilize those specific to your location, skills base and niche specialties. –In addition, there are times when you may want to search outside your industry to acquire entirely new capabilities that can help you ‘disrupt’ your industry with entirely new products or services.

Your website is your best recruiting tool

Your website IS your brand. Describe your company’s business culture, potential career paths, benefits, and mission/vision/values along with insight into what it’s really like to work at your organization. Establishing high brand expectations for candidates will inspire them to want to work for you.

Large to medium-size companies generally list their job openings directly onsite. This gives their hiring managers immediate access to applicant credentials for initial screening. Above all, your website must be easy-to-navigate. You don’t want to lose promising candidates because of technical issues.

We at OWDT are highly skilled in all aspects of web design with a solid record of helping clients with this specific need.

In my next installment in this series, I’ll discuss the interview process and diagnostic screening tools.

What OWDT can do for you

We at OWDT provide comprehensive services in website development, branding, marketing, SEO, web-specialized photography, video, and public relations. Our professionals work rigorously to integrate the latest in website technology and design with leading-edge digital marketing tools to help your company thrive. They know how to finesse a beautiful, brand-defining website with coordinated marketing strategies to expand your company’s visibility and revenue.

Check out our Portfolio to see the kind of award-winning work we have done for our clients. We would be delighted to hear from you! Contact us at 800-324-1617/ info@owdt.com.

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