Andrew Mani


An OWDT Project Manager since 2012, Andrew is passionate about meticulously managing projects to provide clients outstanding products at minimal cost and with on-time delivery. He loves learning about new technology and management tools and concepts. His management style combines the refinement of a corporate environment with the spirit and agility of a startup.

Andrew has advanced OWDT’s process by mentoring employees into highly competent, semi-autonomous players who require minimal supervision. One clear indicator of his success is that all projects assigned to his team to date have been successful. Zero failure rate…

Experience has taught Andrew that superior organization is requisite for implementing the work of OWDT’s brilliant designers. He works closely with each department to ensure all end products work flawlessly. His overriding objective is to ensure that customer care remains our number one priority – with personalized services and platinum-level customer care policies that continue to give us the competitive advantage.